Thursday, August 27, 2015

DIY No Sew Burlap Baby Bedskirt Tutorial

I have not posted in ages! We've been in the process of buying a new house and moving. Things have been outright crazy the past 2 months! But since we've moved, things are slowly beginning to get back to normal. And I wanted to post about something I did recently because my other Burlap Bedskirt Tutorial has been very popular. Here's the tutorial on how to make a No Sew Burlap Baby Bedskirt!

Here is all that you'll need:
Safety Pins

We cut our burlap into 3 sections: Two side of the bed sections. Then one, longer front piece section. We did not put burlap in the back because the bed is against the wall. (You obviously can do that if you want to)

We started on the left side of the bed and worked our way around. All we basically did was to put the safety pins through and attach them around the bars of the bottom of the baby bed.

As we did that, we were also creasing each section that we pinned. Two of us worked on this. I am sure one person could do it alone but it might be tough because you are having to reach through the bars of the baby bed. 

Here's what this section looked like when we were finished with it.

Here's the entire bed when it was finished.

After we pinned the first round of safety pins, we went back and re-pinned some of the burlap in other spots just to secure it a little bit better.

Then we put the mattress and bedding on and voila! All finished.

*Let me just add that my baby is not big enough to lift his mattress at this time. Once this bed gets turned into a toddler bed, we are going to take the safety pins out and secure the burlap bedskirt another way just in case my little one were to try and lift the mattress or anything. I would not want him getting stuck by one of the pins. I will post a tutorial on however we decide to do it at that time. :)


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