Thursday, April 9, 2015

DIY No Sew Burlap Bedskirt Tutorial

I am going to outline how to do a simple no sew burlap bedskirt. It is so easy, it's almost too easy! And it's very cheap.

Looking at online prices, to buy a burlap bedskirt (the kind that I wanted) range anywhere from $39.95 & up. The burlap (In Natural) I bought at Hobby Lobby literally cost me $15. I bought 7 yards (but really only needed 5 yards) I used the Hobby Lobby 50% coupon and that is how I got it all for $15.

Here is all that you need:
Burlap (5 Yards For a King Size Bed)
Safety pins

1.) The first thing that I did was cut the burlap completely down the middle length wise. In order to do this, you're going to pull one single string of burlap where you're wanting to cut. This makes it easier to cut and it gives you a straight line of where to cut.

(I have linked someone else's tutorial on how to do this because I did not take any photos of us doing it)

2.) Next you're going to lay the burlap on the bed where you want it. You need to position it to where it is barely touching the floor (Or how you want it to hang onto the floor) We didn't want to be tripping over it, so we have it to where it is just barely touching.

3.) Now you're going to start folding it over about every 6 inches (Less if you want more ruffles. More if you want larger ruffles) Then you simply pin it with safety pins. Make sure to place the safety pins further back to where they aren't going to be showing on your bedskirt.

There's going to be extra on top but that's okay. The mattress will lay on that and it will help to keep the burlap in place.

4.)  Just keep folding & pinning. It's so simple! The closer the folds are the more ruffles you're going to have. You can even take an iron (We did not) and iron the folds over just for an extra measure if you want to.(Here's my wonderful man modeling it for you lol)

5.) This is what it looked like when we were done. We didn't cut the burlap off until we got to the very, very end because we did not know how much that we needed. We only needed 5 yards but had bought 7. (You can see the extra burlap laying to the left of the bed lol)

Here are the final results. 

I LOVE the way that this turned out. A $15 bedskirt? Heck yeah! It was simple to make. And it's special because we did it ourselves. It stays in place. We have not had any problems or had to reposition it at all. Hope this tutorial helps!


DIY No Sew Burlap Baby Bed Bedskirt


I thought I would do an update. It has been over 2 years since we made this bed skirt. We have moved twice in that time. And the bed skirt is still doing great! The only thing I've had to do at all was cut off some strings here and there. But other than that, it has held up really well.


  1. I can't sew....much at ALL....but I did make a ruffled burlap tree skirt last Christmas....with hot glue...and it turned out really pretty...this bed-skirt...I love.

  2. very creative thanks for I know what to do with this 10 yards of burlap that was given to me. A million thanks!!!

  3. Thank you both for sharing (tree skirt! Genious!!) My son/dtr in law used burlap for their wedding last yr so we gave so much burlap with not a clue what to do with it all! Now my family will be getting KOOLEST UNUSUAL CHRISTMAS BURLAP GIFTS!!! Thank you again for sharing these great ideas

  4. I really love this! Do you have problems with it shedding? Thanks!

  5. Love it. When you pinned it, did the safety pin go down into the box springs? Thanks. Linda dozier

  6. Hi! I have measured the length I need for my bed, 220 inches total which is a little over 6 yards. How much extra do u think I would need to account for the pleating? Figure I would do similar to what you did in your pictures.

    I see you say it’s abiut 5 yards for a King size bed, but I’m already at 6 yards for a queen size, so I think maybe I’m doing something wrong?

    Help please :)

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  8. Is the bedskirt one continuous piece? A king bed is 80x76 so 236 inches for the 3 sides? 5 yards is 180 inches. I'm confused. Please clarify. Excited to try this but don't want to goof it up. =)

  9. thanks a lot for this easy idea!!! i will make that!!!! kiss

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  13. FABulous! You did a great job and your instruction w/pics are clear, easy to understand. Thank you so much for sharing. Gonna give it a go. :-) ~ andrea.