Monday, September 26, 2016

Diy Farmhouse Pillow Cover (No Paint or Silhouette Cameo)

There are so many gorgeous pillow covers! I mean it. Have Y'all been on etsy lately? I'm in love! However, with the holidays & several birthdays coming up, I don't want to take away from our holiday budget. (I can always get them as gifts, right? Hehe)

My fiance brought up a great idea though. He asked me why I don't just make some. I thought to myself, "hmm...."

Well, I don't have a silhouette cameo to make any. And I'm not that confident painting (I can. I'm just not that great at it) So how can I make a Farmhouse pillow cover? I got to looking around my house and came across some transfer sheets I used a little while back.

A light bulb went off! Can I use these, I wondered. Why not? They're used on t-shirts. And people wear those! So why can't they go on a pillow cover? I got to playing around and discovered they can be used!

What You'll Need 
Transfer Sheets 
Pillow Cover 
Editing Software (For Font)

The first thing I did was find some white Ikea pillow covers that I'm not currently using. (I'm using the GURLI cushion cover, $4) You could literally use any pillow cover you have laying around. Or you could make one! 

Then I got on photoshop. If you don't have photoshop there are tons of free photo editing software websites out there. The most important thing is to make sure that you mirror your image if your transfer paper calls for that. 

After I had my font, I printed it off, following the exact directions of my transfer paper. (I got my paper at Michael's for $5.99. Originally  $9.99 with a 40% coupon)

(This is the exact paper I used. It's got an actual website you can edit your photo at if you don't have photoshop)

 Here's what my paper looked like after I printed it out.

(Next you're going to cut the words out. Don't make a mistake and try ironing the entire paper or you're going to end up with a mess! Trust me. I've done it) Here's what mine looked like. 

You can cut out and around the whole thing if you want. I didn't feel the need to. There's going to be some clear residue from the transfer paper if you don't cut completely around it , but it is clear. So that doesn't bother me.

 Next, I ironed my pillow case then laid the words how I thought they would look good.

Then I started with the first word. I did one word at a time. I ironed over each word for at least 2 entire minutes. Here's what it looks like after ironing it. 

It should be entirely flat. I did not start peeling it. The directions stated to wait until it's completely cooled down. (I waited until I ironed all 3 words down) 

Make sure all the words are cool before you start to peel or you'll mess it up. Patience is the key here. I took my fingernail and gently lifted several corners. Then I slowly but precisely started peeling away. If it acts like it doesn't want to peel, try from a different direction. 

And here's the final result!

This was such a simple, inexpensive project. After I finished, I put one of my Ikea inserts in. If you're looking for something budget friendly but still gorgeous then this might be up your alley! This was around $12 plus half an hour of my time.

Here are some photos of the pillow in my home!

Thank you all for reading! 

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