Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Next Week And A Half

The next week and a half may be stressful for our family.

Tomorrow Timothy goes to see the Developmental Specialist to see if he is autistic. This will be our first visit with a specialist. This far he has only been seen by his pediatrician and teachers from the Pre-K program (They all agreed that they believe he has a form of autism) But he has never been officially diagnosed.

I am having to gather his baby book, school work, evaluations, etc  to take with us to help them diagnose his condition. I am nervous, stressed, scared, relieved. I have so many mixed emotions. I will be happy to know something concrete. But I am also anxious.

No matter what, I know that things are going to be okay. Timothy is such a precious, beautiful, little soul. I love him so much. And I will be happy to be more educated on his situation so that we can help him to the fullest extent.

Then the Tuesday after next, Benjamin has to go to the Radiologist at Children's hospital to get an MRI on his head.

At Benjamin's 4 month checkup, his head was measuring in the 40th percentile. When we went back at his 6 month appointment, his head was measuring in the 90th percentile which is a really big jump. He also has a nodule on the back of his head that is really hard.

Everything is fine with Benjamin developmentally, but the doctor just wants to be thorough. Initially they had ordered a CT scan, but later decided that an MRI would be better.

The doctor said that Benjamin may just have a large head. And that 95% of the time that is all that it is.

I have been praying hard that everything is okay with both of my boys. And I try to be strong. But of course I am worried. But I know that it is in God's hands.


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