Friday, May 1, 2015

Update on Autism

Timothy just turned 4 years old. We have now switched pediatricians. Everyone was super nice at the last pediatrician office that we went to but honestly....I felt like they didn't take our concerns all that seriously when we expressed them until last year when Timothy was already 3 years old.

And maybe they thought we were just being too worrisome or they thought that he was just a shy boy. (We have thought those things also) But as doctors, I feel like they should have stepped up more than they did with the situation. They had been seeing Timothy since the day that he was born. We had never taken him anywhere else until recently.

But I am not going to play the blame game. Things have ended up this way for a reason.

Timothy went to his new pediatrician on Tuesday April 28th. (Our newborn has been going there since he was born and we really like them so far) It was just for a 4 year checkup. But we ended up being there for an hour because Timothy was scared, and they had a lot of questions.

This doctor took our concerns very seriously. She watched and saw for herself. She said that she could not diagnose him but that she "would say that I am 99% sure that it is autism."

As I said before when talking about this with his teachers, this was a relief. Not that he might possibly be autistic. But that our concerns were being heard and something will hopefully be done soon to help.

On Thursday in the mail, the doctor sent us letters on appointments with an eye specialist to check his sight, an ear specialist to check his hearing, and a developmental counselor to see if he is autistic.

2 days. That's how quickly this pediatrician was on top of it. 2 days. I am beyond thankful.

Hopefully in the upcoming weeks, we can get more educated on the situation at hand and find out what is really going on. I know it's going to be a long, probably difficult process. I am trying to prepare myself for whatever comes ahead of us. I know that I was made Timothy's mommy for a reason. And that we can get through this.


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