Thursday, March 12, 2015

Weight Loss Journey

 On the left is me 40lbs heavier than I am today. I have lost 40lbs since December.

I had a baby back at the end of November and I told myself that after I gave birth that I wanted to lose weight. I know everyone assumes that you automatically lose some weight after giving birth. I actually never gained any weight at all during my pregnancy. I lost 6lbs. Which means I was 6lbs lighter at 9 months pregnant than I was before I got pregnant. I'm not saying that having the baby didn't help me to lose weight. It did. But it does not account for all of the weight that I have lost.

I haven't been starving myself. I haven't given up all of the foods that I love. I don't only eat vegetables and fruits. I told myself that I wanted to lose weight my own way and that I would try different things to see what worked. Here's what aided me so far:

1.) Weight loss app on my phone.
This may sound corny or over the top, but it's actually helped me. I have Noom Coach & Cardio Trainer downloaded. With Noom Coach you log your meals (It records how many calories you've taken in) If your phone is in your pocket, it counts every step. With that, it gives you a goal amount of steps to do each day. It shows which foods are good (Green foods) and which ones are bad (Red foods). It also tells you how many calories to intake in your budget to maintain the weight that you're at or to lose weight. I use Cardio Trainer to log my workouts. It gives your distance and how many calories you've burned (Plus much more) 

At first I thought the sound of doing this (Logging meals etc...) sounded fanatical. But it really has helped me because it shows what you're taking in and what you're doing. It's reassuring to me. And it doesn't take long to log your meals like I thought it would.

2.) Cutting back on my food portions.
This one is a no brainer. I still eat the foods that I love (Pasta, pizza, mexican....) But now I have cut back. I use a measuring cup for whatever I can to measure it out (and to log it) If I eat cereal, I measure it and the milk out. If I eat spaghetti with sauce, I measure both out. Again, this may sound obsessive. But it isn't. It's simply keeping track of how much you're eating at each meal. It really shows you how much food you're getting as opposed to just pouring it into a bowl.

3.) Stop eating when I am full.
This one is big. I just stop eating when I am full. Before I would eat until all of the food was gone. I felt bad if I didn't because I told myself that there are people out there starving. But with the help of measuring my food out, it reminds me that if last time I couldn't finish a whole cup of cereal to cut back to half of a cup this time. So now I am not wasting anything and I've stopped eating when I should.

4.) I eat 3 whole meals per day.
I used to literally go all day without eating and by dinner time I was starving. That means that I would eat a ton to make up for being so hungry. And dinner time is normally near bedtime. It's never good to eat so much before bed because you aren't burning many calories while you're sleeping. I was sabotaging myself.

Now I eat breakfast, lunch, & dinner. For breakfast I normally keep it simple by eating cereal. At lunch I sometimes do cereal again. I also do soup & crackers, sandwich & chips, or something along those lines. Then at dinner, I eat whatever I want. But I have cut back on those portions and I am not so hungry like before.

5.) Exercise.
This is kind of embarrassing but I own a Gazelle. Yes, a Tony Little Gazelle. Yes the guy from the infomercials. LOL. Hey, it works. I got it years and years ago. So at night I started out at 10 minutes on the gazelle and worked my way up to 30 minutes at a time. There is a community center nearby that I plan on trying out soon too while my oldest child is at school.

Music or Television also help with the exercising. Music especially because the intensity of the song can help with the speed exercise. It can also motivate you to try harder. I've tried exercising without music. It makes it go by very slowly. I suggest having some kind of background noise.

6.) Walking every chance that I get.
We have stairs. I go up and down them any chance that I get. If I forgot something or need to grab something for the kids, I no longer make excuses or  procrastinate. I get up and I go up those stairs. If the dishwasher needs loaded/unloaded or the laundry needs to be done, I get up and I do it. Before, I would wait until the last minute. I had no energy. If I had to walk upstairs, I would be so out of breath I would have to sit down. But now, I am not winded at all going up and down them because I have gotten used to it.

These are the biggest things that have helped me to lose weight. Right now I am at a place that I have plateaued which can be very frustrating. But I knew it was going to happen. I am not going to let it stop me though. I just have to keep on keepin' on. I am not saying that this is the right plan for everyone. It is simply what has worked for me. I thought I would share it in case it might help others out. It is very simple. And hopefully I can continue to blog the rest of my weight loss journey. :)


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