Friday, February 28, 2014

Bedroom Before and After

We have done a lot around the house lately. We have bought a completely new living room and bedroom suit, complete with all new or transformed decor. Both our bedroom and the living room were nothing but black and white to begin with.

Let me start by saying I have nothing against black and white. My kitchen right now is completely black and white. (And I have no intentions on changing it anytime soon) But our rooms have been black and white for the past 3 years. We were kinda....over it.

At first the plan was only to change the living room. But then I got on Ikea and saw the Malm Dressing Table and it was on. I've never had a real vanity of my own. And this was so beautiful and spacious. It made me want to change our bedroom around too.

I knew at that point I wanted all white furniture. We of course had all black to begin with. So I knew it was going to be a big change. A few weeks later I saw a beautiful coral comforter on Amazon and knew then the colors had to be coral and white. I talked Patrick into it (Which wasn't hard because I know what to say. lol) And now we have a bright, cheerful, coral and white bedroom! I could not be happier with it.

I have tried to give descriptions of the process and work. And I have tried to link to the specific items we purchased. I hope it helps. Ikea is a wonderful store. (The one nearest us is in Charlotte, NC) If you want to see the before and after, keep scrolling. :) 

Bed Before
I really loved the crisp look of the room and that white comforter. That was a gift from my Mammaw and I still sleep with it every night. 

 Bed After
-Look at what a difference! We were going to paint the headboard white but with the floating shelf, we thought it would be overkill and the space looks larger without it. 
-The mirror above the floating shelf was originally black. We spray painted it silver. 
-See those coral lamps? They are the same lamps from the photo above. They were black. We spray painted those coral along with the wall sconces. 
-And I hand painted all the coral vases. The bedside tables are by Besta from Ikea too. 

Vanity Before
Ouch. What can I say? I found this little gem on Craigslist. It came with the desk and that side table. I wanted this to work so badly. It had a bunch of little cubby holes for my makeup and brushes. But alas, it was way too dark for me to put on my makeup in that mirror that fit so perfectly.
(PS-Our dog matches the room!)

Vanity After
-This is what caused the transformation of the bedroom. I love this table. It has a drawer the length of the table. The top is glass, so if you spill your makeup on it, it wipes right off. You can also put photos underneath the glass if you choose. 
-We also got the Wall Mirror and the Table Mirror  from Ikea. The table mirror's stand was black. We spray painted it silver. 
-Those little pink, glass pieces are from Hobby Lobby. I got them for half off. I love the simple, yet elegant look of it.

 Tall Dresser/Vanity Area Before
(I see Love Bug!)
-After we got rid of the clunky desk from the photo above, we put in a simple black one. It wasn't very big. It didn't hold very much. And that's all I have to say about it. 
-However, I do love the tall, black dresser behind it. I kept most of my beauty products (Nail polish, hair stuff, jewelry, etc....) in it. I still have it in my closet because it holds quite a bit.

Tall Dresser/Vanity Area After
(Ignore the large TV on the wall. That is the only place for it. lol)
-Look how much brighter it looks just because of the white! It's so cheerful and happy. Now I don't feel like I am putting on makeup in a dungeon. 
-The tall dresser is from? Take a guess...Ikea! It's also from the Malm Series. It has 6 very spacious drawers. The glass on top came separately.
-The mirror above it is the same black mirror from the photo above. We spray painted that bad boy white.
-I also hand painted the two vases on top.

Well that is pretty much it! Our room is relatively small, but we couldn't be happier with the transformation. This post was a lot longer than I intended but I wanted to give links in case it gave anyone else ideas. 

One last thing, I hate the idea of perfectly good stuff sitting in the basement or in a closet. Most of the stuff we aren't using anymore, I have given away to people. It makes me feel so much better knowing that someone is getting use out of it! I do have a few items left. If anyone who is nearby is interested, let me know and I would be glad for someone to put use to them. :)

If anyone wants the little lamp and lamp shade, 
you are more than welcome to it.

I also have two matching lampshades (I am using the lamps) 
if anyone would like these.


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